Little Art Gallery on 31st Madhubani Paintings

Little Art Gallery


Preeti Agrawal, is a passionate Austin-based watercolor artist, avid crafter, and social media blogger. She enjoys painting many subjects and for The Little Gallery on 31st Ave., she chose to exhibit her Madhubani paintings. Madhubani is an ancient style of folk art that originated in Northern India. Not only does the bright and colorful palette appeal to her, but it also allows her to be closer to her Indian roots and heritage. 



Preeti finds passion in painting antique objects, especially doors from many times and places. To her, they are not mere entrances to buildings but a physical embodiment of many different people, times, and places. Each door presents its personality and history to her and by painting them, she feels she is simultaneously able to open up into their world and pay homage to their lives and histories.



When Preeti is not painting, she likes to sew, craft with crepe paper and wood, or upcycle the old into the new. She feels that in recent times, the value of handmade goods has diminished, and she hopes to bring the art of hand-making back. This is part of the reason she started her craft blog three years ago, where she uploads DIY tutorials of crafts that anyone can make. Her passion for repurposing materials and Upcycling led her to teach several workshops at Austin Creative Reuse, a local nonprofit focused on creativity through sustainability. 

To learn more about Preeti's work please follow her on Instagram and Facebook @preetishandmades