In Response Exhibit

In Responsecollages from a book left in the little gallery, 2022

Earlier this week a neighbor, I don’t know who left some children’s books in the little gallery. At first, I was taken aback that this sort of suburban vandalism had materialized in my presence. Then I decided, after looking through the books, that it would be fun to make some little collages from one of the older paperback books that I found inspiring. The story is about a couple of little boys who receive a ball that needs air, of course, I inserted my own elements and transformed the story just a wee bit. And, I added a bench in case some very small people wanted to sit and view the images.

I have some exciting exhibitions lined up in the next few months from local artists! So check back periodically!


The left side of the little gallery. The children are given a world that needs air and won’t bounce.


Photo of the Center of the little gallery. The children determine that the world needs love.


A Photo of the right side of the little gallery. The children pump flowers (love) into the world. The end.