Choose, Acrylic on Canvas with gold leaf, 40″ x 50″, ©belindachlouber2022


The beautiful meadows and clear streams bountiful with fish are not something relinquished to our dreams yet. They do still exist, not in the abundance they once did, but can still be found within what seems to be a constant battle to protect nature’s beauty from overdevelopment. Sadly it seems to be a battle nature is losing. 

We still have a choice to realize that the most important place, the most important planet is the planet we live on and we need to do all we can to protect the biodiversity and beauty that still exist and repair what we broke. The planet and nature, are not part of a game, not a reality we can remake to our liking. There are clear consequences, be it a pandemic, polluted water, smoke-covered skies, or an atmosphere used as a carbon dumping ground that turns against us with powerful storms. 

I have come to believe empires fail because they disregard reality. How could you not fail under those terms?